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Mi történt 2003-ban a KÁRPÁTOKBAN ?


Bucegi Mountains Discovery enigmantica 2003, Romania: The biggest secret on the planet and the greatest discovery of all time.
taking place here in Romania in 2003 in the Bucegi mountains. Zero state security department of a top secret section, founded in 1968 in the JJ by Nicolae Ceausescu, considering the preparation and development of psychic subjects.
. For example, in 1981, when the system intervention teams still no cooperation protocols were insecure, DM was asked to intervene in a mountainous area near the Intorsura Buzau, the curvature of the Carpathian mountain chain. The area was very secluded and almost uninhabited. Two brothers are trained mountaineers climbing a high rock and relatively isolated mountain massif. Its walls were very steep, even at the top forming a filling, which was a real challenge for the two climbers. One of the brothers climbed three-quarters of the height of the cliff, where he noticed some strange signs carved in stone and almost completely eroded by the time required by ¬. When he came up the narrow rock platform, bent down and lifted a strange yellow object that resembled a chain, but the next moment suddenly disappeared under the astonished gaze of his brother who was on the ground at the base rock. A local militia was alerted parents have been notified, in Braila. Initially, authorities had a suspect-one who called that they hide the truth. Even were a threat, believing that mock them. but her father, former climber, he climbed the rock, lifted the object and disappeared instantly in front of more than ten witnesses.
The case has taken a dangerous turn, immediately arrived on the spot several Security Officers in Bucharest, DZ announced the same evening. The area was isolated by a military squad on a one mile radius around the rock. Representatives of other Directorates of Security have been busy in the coming days to reassure the villagers and disin ¬ formation eyewitnesses. I know all the details of the secret file of the event, which we then studied one after the Revolution. Twenty years ago I still had access to such operations, being an only child who came to the base in B. .. little time. It seems however that some issues have "slipped" by the press for many years afterwards, probably because in that place came when some political figures and the domain of science. Situations of this kind, information that can not be blocked in completely from the beginning, are regis ¬ trated with a special code and are called "K-events." They are usually limited circumstances, which may be provided wholly or give rise to various complications.
In the next few days flew by helicopter that rock, "subject" was, in fact, a kind of leverage embedded in the stone cliff, but without being able to determine who, how and why he made it. Writing on the wall of rock has remained completely unknown, even if they have been sent numerous photos of those signs, pen ¬ Tru being studied at the most prestigious institutions in the world. Although there were some similarities in shape, however, nobody could find any clear correlation between ancient writings. I had access to all photos that were taken from different angles and I could convince myself personally very strange nature of those signs. They seemed very old but is still observed, were mostly covered by moss rock. Being somewhat inexperienced then and press the panic created, those responsible decided to miteze ¬ dynamic rock, but it was later learned that that was an order given by the power in Bucharest today, two dozen ¬ years after the dramatic incident, the place is completely clean. The two missing men have not returned any ¬ time. Very interesting was the fact that, after rock thrown into the air, instead they continued to remain a transparent color contour green, like steam slightly. After several days, however, and he disappeared.
This is just one example of the many events archive K DZ, their importance is great and the information they contain are very secret. There are also many other situations within the same category "K", occurring mostly after 1992.
Caesar then told me two cases striking them but asked me not to mention the book because they are related to soil resources in the country, being as large state secrets.

A second meeting with the great Massini Mason held in a luxurious villa foreign diplomats. Although the meeting took less than an hour, the information provided by Massini was like a bomb. He said he has top secret information obtained directly from the Staff of the Pentagon, and that this information refers to a certain place in Romania.
Confessing that the Bilderberg group has representatives in the most important political bodies, economic and U.S. military said there are some groups whose occult power is very high. Beyond even these very powerful group, which oversees the elite formations are life science and technology around the globe, the world economy and global political trends. Above all is the Bilderberg group. Whatever is most important and is discovered on the planet is immediately brought to the attention of the global elite. This was the case with secret observations regarding Romania.

Pentagon spy satellites with

The Pentagon has more military secrets and spying programs geodesic several geostationary satellites using high technology. One of them, which is based on bionic technology and as the waves, he saw in 2002 a separate unit in a specific area of the Bucegi mountains. First, identify the gap inside the mountain does not communicate with the outside, but directly from inside the mountain began at a certain distance from its slope. Second, take the form of a tunnel suddenly very regular allowances toward the center of the mountain, at an angle of 26 degrees. The route of the tunnel plan was perfect. The third element of the Pentagon team has thought.
Satellite scan of the mountain revealed two major structural blocks within the solid rock that bordered the beginning and end of the tunnel and rejected any kind of probing or analysis, as if to protect something there. Dams were artificial energy: the first was the plan, as a wall, a wall that was blocking access to the tunnel. The second was huge, like a dome or hemisphere, which is at the opposite end of the tunnel, near the center of the mountain. Massini acknowledged that there is something extremely important and was very well protected. The whole-hemispheric tunnel was in a plane parallel to the ground, and the dam is vertical Hemisferic corresponding rocks on the ridge called Old Women. In fact, vertical ended at about 40 meters between Babele and Sphinx of Bucegi.

A similar structure in Iraq

Pentagon team noted that the energy barrier Hemisferic has the same vibrational frequency and the same shape as one another very secret underground structure that they had discovered before, near Baghdad, Iraq. Shortly after the discovery of the basement Iraq war broke out and after a few months Americans have access to the biggest secret in the area, which the Iraqis knew nothing. Whatever they tried, failed to penetrate the wall energy and the whole operation was held in the greatest secrecy.

The planet's mysterious past

Massini also said that what was there was about the planet's mysterious past and the history of their organization. The fact that the Pentagon investigation noted the similarity of data between the underground structure near Baghdad and the bustling Inner Bucegi heavily on those of the elite Masons. Initially almost became panic. Panic was due to the fact that this structure - much larger and more complex than Iraq - is on the territory. Correlating this fact with some aspects of Romania's future come to a correct view of the concerns that we now have the great Masons. Much as they would like to hide it, the actions and intentions abundantly shows otherwise.
A great mystery was how they managed those who built their structure and goals to achieve directly inside the mountain, without an exit to the outside. Massini provided proper plan to reach the tunnel, as he has been calculated by experts in the Pentagon. The breakthrough was possible to close to 60-70 meters from the first energy barrier on the side of the mountain. Venerable guaranteed support ultra sophisticated U.S. military technology to achieve breakthrough energy to the first dam. It was a very powerful device for high speed drilling of rock that used a strong plasma jet and a rotating magnetic field. Massini but urged strict compliance with secrecy and his strong presence in that place when mountain breakthrough.

Farewell secret!

In the last days of July 2003 took place inside the mountain boring, but everything was on the tips of government-secret farewell! The car first drilled by a strange deviation of the magnetic field, but later corrected trajectory. Gallery looked like a subway tunnel, was perfectly polished and led to the enigmatic tunnel uncovered by satellite. At the end of the tunnel is located near a huge stone gate which is moved by sliding to the left. Before the famous dam gates are huge energy. Three people in the first special intervention team were very close to the invisible barrier and touched it imprudent, died of cardiac arrest on the spot. Any object (rock, plastic, metal or wood) pretended he immediately threw the fine dust. Two generals at the Pentagon and U.S. presidential advisor was there.

Great Gallery

Massini knew most about the origin of this discovery and have knowledge of at least one item that was in the Great Hall hemispherical. Beyond the formidable energy barrier, which caused the deaths of three people wearing huge rock is solid. The tunnel wall in front of the gate is an area of 20 square cm which was perfectly dressed precisely drawn an equilateral triangle pointing up. The square is located between the huge grinding stone gate and invisible energy barrier. Caesar felt that there is some compatibility between the dam and that of energy, something like a mutual sympathy. Invisible hand lightly touches the surface energy barrier, Caesar finally felt tingling on the skin. He submitted and passed completely through the dam no more than an inch thick. U.S. officials were absolutely stunned.
Tapping the triangle the square of polished rock, Caesar huge stone gate open so that the sliding silently into the wall. This single command cancel energy barrier and opened the gate while the stone. Great Gallery which now show in all its splendor was light, however, do not contain either a source of light. Strangely, after turning off the first energy barrier of entry into the Grand Gallery, huge hemispherical shield at the other end of her passing suddenly turned to a higher vibration level and high radiation emitting devices.
On closer analysis, the wall was covered Grand Gallery but seemed synthetically create the sensation that has an organic part in it. But oil was the color of the reflections were green and even blue. Color shades were a deeply relaxing effect on the psyche and changed the meaning accurately assess the distance. Wall material was somewhat rough to the touch but he could not be scratched or bent. Resist any attempt at breaking, piercing scratches or cuts. In a strange fire flames were absorbed within himself, practically, the fire you can not survive on that material. Americans have recognized that the material is a strange combination of organic and inorganic matter. At 280 meters to the right gallery Cotea suddenly in an acute angle. At a much greater distance in the distance see a light blue fairy, which sparkled like a star. Satellite records show a huge space at the end of the Grand Gallery, but it was also protected by an energy screen. The blue light at the end of the gallery is just the reflection of a portion of the protective shield of energy in the form of huge hall rooms.

In the basement of Iraq

In the basement structures in Iraq, it was discovered using the same guidelines provided by military spy satellite data revealed the structure of the Bucegi mountains. U.S. adviser on national security issues has received a fax that was notified secret that energy shield bottom Hemisferic of Baghdad is suddenly activated, pulsating with high frequency. Information astounding was that his face appeared in a hologram of the planet that this sequential and progressive continent of Europe, then south-east, then Romania Bucegi and then finally showing their location within the structure of the great galleries and shield energy corridor Hemisferic pulsating with power. It was obvious that the two hemispherical energy shields were in a direct but mysterious link so that activation led to activation of one and other. Maybe there is even a network of such structures subpământene worldwide.

Disclosure operations

The bad news was that the U.S. presidency was notified and contacted the Romanian diplomacy through intelligence. In just a few tens of minutes, the whole operation had been disclosed. Massini lord's plan went down the drain. Initially they wanted to take political control, but our politicians who were entitled to be aware of these issues have panicked and could not cope with events. Caesar decided to reveal all aspects of the intrigues and plans involving links with Massini. Diplomatic tension grew increasingly more pressure as Washington demanded an urgent communication with the generals at the Pentagon at the scene of operations.

CSAT Emergency Meeting

Bucharest talks were successful in the sense that the facts were brought to the attention of people with great moral integrity and who are deeply patriotic. An emergency session of the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) has created a huge wave of sympathy for the Zero Department. Most were shaken by what they have learned since then. After the CSAT decision to continue research under the Zero Department, to inventory everything was in a huge room screenings. From Bucharest, orders They spent some more than others, canceled each other, were the vehement, the elusive, and betrayed a high voltage. CSAT members were in continuous session, keeping in touch with the Bucegi mountains. They decided to make public the discovery of the formidable mountains of Romania, after having first discussed the problem on all sides. Romanian State was to make the world a formal statement. Some members CSAT vehemently opposed.

Romania's official statement

When American diplomacy has been informed that Romania will send a press release World of crucial importance for humanity, everything was chaos. Nobody knew, but everyone suspected that something very serious and important. The President was called for a direct phone conversation with the White House. Within hours, had blocked all transactions and dealings with international financial institutions of the Romanian state. It was expected any minute order declaring a state of emergency in the mountains and the capital.
Talks between the U.S. officials arrived in Bucharest and the Romanian emergency were made without a translator. They were so violent that there were few moments of crisis that diplomats were shouting at each other as much, proferând multiple threats of retaliation. Other countries in the world knew nothing of the problem, and Americans knew well that there always some very powerful countries would be united with Romania to support immediate public statement.
Declaration should be included in the main data discovery Bucegi mountains, providing evidence of the world, photos and other essentials for clarification. It would have been invited leading scientists and research studies. But most importantly it would have been revelations about the very distant past of humanity and the real history that was almost entirely counterfeit.

"In no-way!"

Americans have reacted strongly because that statement would be shattered in an instant global influence, and may have to be thrown into turmoil their country's economy and society. This was the main reason cited by them, to not create panic. But they forgot to acknowledge that this state of anguish and possible social disruption would have occurred as a direct result of deliberate deceit and manipulation made over the centuries by Freemasonry. He received a special intervention of the Pope who called for moderation before this great fundamental step for mankind. Pope sent even that will make certain documents available to the Romanian state in the ancient papal secret archives which are of great importance for Romania and the evidence supports the discovery of the mountains. After 24 hours of talks reached a final agreement by the Romanian-American cooperation in some precise terms. Position of the Romanian state was to postpone the disclosure, the presentation of their humanity gradually.

Projection room

Grand Gallery ends abruptly in the auditorium inside the mountain giant who had a height of 30 meters and a length of 100 meters. Projection room is bounded by the energy shield and is smaller than the lecture hall of the mountain. Advancing towards the energy shield, the shield portion is designated as a front door and then disappears and becomes străvezie to enter the Hall projections. The shield is to protect the various negative influences from outside. Once inside the room, restored compact shield. From inside the shield has a white and gold.
At the back of the shield not descend to ground level as in the front hall projections had covered half the back wall of rock. At the massive stone wall, about 10-12 meters high, are placed three enormous mouths of the tunnel: one straight ahead and the other two - symmetrical on both sides of the latter and diffuse light in a greenish tint. Access to these tunnels is strictly prohibited by secret protocol was signed between the Romanian and the U.S..

Tables for giant giant

From the front of the entrance hall contains a series of projections of huge stone tables arranged along the right wall, following its curvature. Similarly, there is another series along the left wall. None of the tables have a height not less than two meters. On top of plate thickness are cut in relief, with precision, different signs of an unprecedented write characters that resemble ancient cuneiform. Writing contains more general symbols such as triangle and circle. Although the signs are not painted, they come out with a fluorescent light radiation in different colors from table to table.
There are five tables on each side of the room. On some of them are different objects that appear to be technical tools. For many of them descend to the ground a lot of white hair who gather translucent rectangular boxes of material shiny silver outside table directly on the ground. Finally cables are extremely flexible and lightweight and small notes in their light pulses along the length of their slipping.
When approaching any of the tables, working simultaneously on its surface is a holographic projection showing aspects of a particular scientific field. Dimensional images are perfect and very large with a height of almost two and a half meters. On the surface of polished stone rectangular table there is a narrow slit, a few tens of centimeters long, parallel to the long side of the table of holographic projections that appear. Projections running alone but in the meantime they are interactive and depend on one who pursues and table to the surface.

Genetic combinations

Climbing on a tripod made special meals can be seen that the surface is covered with a film of a glassy material, dark. The film is divided into several large square bounded by straight lines, forming a kind of grid. At one table is the projected image runs so biology in plants and animals, some completely unknown. Tapping one of the square, the hologram shows the structure of the human body which directs the projection. It develops holographic images of various areas of the body that always rotate. Other squares show projections of other beings, on other celestial bodies. Tapping is showing simultaneously two different square complex scientific analysis showing that DNA beings and possibilities of compatibility between them. On the side, vertical lines appear to explain the strange and ultimately writing the mutant form appears likely that a combination of both genetic information.

True Giants

Those who have built the whole edifice that were very high, otherwise you can not explain the huge size of all objects in the room projections.
A confirmation of the giants in Romania is found in newspaper newspaper. "The team at the newspaper is accompanied by researcher Vasile Rudan, who noted that the" stories "of people from the village Bozioru about giants who lived on those lands have concrete evidence: a cemetery with skeletons of giants. It was discovered by chance in over 20 years ago, when it was decided that the Scaieni to plant a grove of apple trees. digging on a hill, the villagers discovered huge skeletons, measuring about 2.40 meters, even more. Dragoi Elijah, one of those who worked in the apple orchard then takes us to the spot. By "summit" where trees were planted, down to the steep slope on a street flooded with mud. Once they arrived, Uncle Elias shows us around the orchard, that no longer bringeth forth fruit: "Everywhere are the tombs of the giants. We would make holes, to plant saplings, when giving a head man, big as a pumpkin breeding. Neither had seen anything like that. We forget all the crosses. Sap and further and give some bones of the feet, as aracii alive. A giant of a man was răposatu. "
There are many legends that recall the days when giants lived on Earth. Sumerian mythology, Egyptian, Hittite, Greek had a whole "chapter" about the wars with the old gods generation titanic, gigantic beings, conceived by the gods. By then, the legend, only the gods lived on Earth. Giants had other defects besides the colossal stature. They had many arms, heads and faces, often just an eye brow, which is why they were called Cyclops, and were about tantalum. Good hard work, but not to be found in their way when angry. Throwing rocks colossal earth quaked. Sons "normal" of the gods and the giants were used to seize power and overthrow the gods of old. Photo attached shows a giant human skeleton found in Iraq. Things start to link ...

Library universe

On each side of the room are arranged five huge meals every hosting screenings of physics, cosmology, astronomy, architecture, technology, an area that features several races of intelligent beings - who were apparently not all human - and a field of religion . Seems like a huge library of the universe.
In the middle of the room is a podium that is installed in a mental facility emissions, a possible energy thought amplifier, car manufacturers structured its proportions.

The control panel of Romania

Next is a panel depicting the precise geometric symbols of different colors. There are two levers that can slide to order something. The center panel is a red button above the rest. The purpose of the button is shown in a hologram explanation: a picture of Earth at about 25 km high and then show the Carpathian Mountains. The show then leaking huge quantities of water to lowlands and plains until the soil stays completely free.
Then soil Romanian territory today and part of Hungary and Ukraine appear more streams of water like giant rivers from all directions heading towards the mountains and the Transylvanian plateau. Then the image is more focused and practically the whole of Romania is another Great of which appear only in some areas like islands peaks. Acting levers on the panel, the waters begin to withdraw from our territory, but all are moving towards a single point in the Massif Retezat Godeanu mountains. A true manual!

A mysterious amphora

After the control panel is a square with sides of three meters high which is an amphora. Its content is one of the strengths of discovery. This is what he wanted with so much passion for him and Massini venerable elite Masons. Amfora contains a very fine white powder. Researchers have remained dismayed to find that the substance has a crystalline structure known monatomic gold which is very difficult to obtain especially high purity formula.
Venerable Massini still was informed before entering the room there amphorae. Gold powder in its pure form greatly stimulate trade flows and certain cellular and neural energy. That causes an accelerated process of rejuvenation. Theoretically, a man can live in the same physical body for several thousand years provided they consume, from time to time, and well-defined quantity, monatomic gold powder. This explains many puzzling aspects about the incredible longevity of important characters and show the hidden intentions of the global elite Masons.

True history of the planet

In the middle square is a huge dome which projects a hologram of moving parts. It contains the main aspects of synthetic very distant past of humanity, even its origin. Darwin's evolutionary theory is therefore completely false. The true origin of man is depicted in a condensed form holographic. After the lessons of truth, we can say that 90% of the official history of mankind is false and counterfeit. Unbelievable, but what is considered really happened is mostly lies, myths and legends while people are almost all true. This strange inversion of the time caused many problems and conflicts between people.
Most archaeologists are false ideas. Some "fantasies" of scholars such as hilarious theory of dinosaur extinction in 65 million years ago or considering old continents of Lemuria and Atlantis as a myth, are now completely shattered holographic projection that shows clearly how things have happened reality. From time to time hologram preserve the event, but the background sky map show the positions of major stars and constellations marked at the time. Thus did the exact dating of events in the presentation. Although the time period covered by the projections is very large (several hundred thousand years), and the cycle of precession of the Earth is 25,920 years, by observing the number of years Plato (25,920-year cycle) to calculate precisely dating events. Bucegi Mountains were formed 50-55 thousand years ago.

Shocking Revelations

The author acknowledges that he actually saw what happened and where the Flood were the germs of human civilization, but these issues do not have permission to reveal the reality that involves too shocking for thinking, ideas and knowledge of contemporary man.
In a disturbing display of images showing the existence of Jesus and his crucifixion on the cross. The projections reveal many of those who witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus on the hill who were at that time, but had come there from other historical periods. Those human beings who did not differ from clothing of Jews present at the time of the crucifixion, however, were completely different features of their face and that's why he hides his face as much as folds of clothing. The hologram also shows sequence spiritual lives and missions of other exceptional characters too distant past of mankind, who do not know anything now. When the social and population distribution were completely different world from what is known today, and archaeologists and anthropologists should review concepts from scratch.

Three mysterious tunnels

On the back wall are three giant openings, each having a control panel similar to the master, but smaller. Those tunnels are moving thousands of miles in three different areas of the planet. The result left somewhere in Egypt, a whole secret and yet undiscovered which is under the sand. Right tunnel to reach a similar but smaller structure of Tibet Plateau. In this second tunnel there side branches leading to a basement area of the Buzau Carpathians bend close and another is heading for the basement structure in Iraq, near Baghdad. And still, there remains a split up in the basement of the Gobi in Mongolia plateau.

A secret world

The third tunnel, located centrally between the other two, is the subject of a secret world of which the U.S. wanted a very strong guarantee. Knowing the terrible political influence and relations venerable Massini Masons in Romanian and American political structures, we suspect that they try a gradual takeover of control by external factors on the basis of our state interests. There is however very important people in political and administrative unit now known worldwide Masonic machinations and vehemently oppose its influence, especially in the discovery of the Bucegi mountains. Down the central tunnel inside the planet's crust and may provide an answer to the origin of structure inside the mountain and those who built it.
The author says in conclusion that it was preparing for an intense secret tunnel first expedition to Egypt, then to Tibet, and finally at the most central to the Earth.